Elizabeth A. Stanley, PhD

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Because leaders send strong ripples into their social environment, they have a powerful effect on other people’s levels of resilience.

Resilient and self-regulated leaders have a big impact on our collective resilience! For this reason, working one-on-one with senior leaders is a personal passion.

On a limited basis, I work with leaders who want to widen their own window in order to boost their organization’s resilience, innovation, creativity, collaboration, and purpose. These men and women are ready to explore the “big picture” and become better bosses, colleagues, and partners. For instance:

  • Are you looking for new ways to be more resilient and capable of navigating change, challenge, and uncertainty?
  • Are you too busy “putting out fires” or micro-managing others to focus on what’s most important for your own (or your organization’s) strategic goals and growth?
  • Are your subordinates apathetic, resentful, defensive, disrespectful, or stressed out?
  • Do you avoid difficult discussions and conflict? Can you handle feedback, or do you take it personally?
  • Do you spend a lot of time and energy managing others’ reactivity?
  • Can you set boundaries?
  • Is your own self-care and inner balance always the last thing to receive attention?

Sessions include guided exercises and tools to achieve insight, hone intentionality, and develop new habits. You’ll learn how to prioritize long-term goals, speak truth skillfully, deepen relationships, and tap into new internal energy resources. We’ll dive deeply into conversations that you rarely have with others. I’ll help you achieve beneficial and lasting positive outcomes—both for yourself and your organization.

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