Elizabeth A. Stanley, PhD

MMFT® Online

Perhaps you’ve just read Widen the Window, or you’ve heard about the research showing MMFT’s benefits in high-stress environments. Now, you’re wondering how you can take the entire MMFT course. These tried-and-tested methods for widening the window have helped thousands of individuals who work in high-stress environments—and soon they can help you, too.

I’m excited to announce a collaboration with Sounds True to offer an 8-week MMFT Online training course, available starting in October 2020.

MMFT Online will include all the essential elements of the live MMFT course—updated with the most recent research about stress, trauma, and resilience. You’ll have access to step-by-step instruction, with video lessons and guided daily exercises. You’ll receive support and guidance through weekly emails and an online FAQ database. We’ll also address questions and specific challenges during live Q&A calls each month. Most importantly, by the end of the course, you’ll have established your own mind fitness practice, one that you continue to use well into the future.

MMFT has four components:

  • An understanding of the neurobiology of stress, trauma, and resilience.
  • Stress- and trauma-sensitive mindfulness skills training.
  • Body-based self-regulation skills training, to re-regulate your nervous system and help your thinking brain and survival brain become allies.
  • Concrete applications of both types of skills in daily life and at work.

Please check back here for more information about the MMFT Online release. Or join my mailing list to receive updates.