Elizabeth A. Stanley, PhD


Thanks for your interest in my work! I’m honored that you’re here. All of my speaking requests are handled by my friends at the BrightSight Group.

I love connecting with groups by integrating stories with hard science. I tailor my talks for each audience and leave groups with clear insights and actionable tools.

My unique background allows me to communicate credibly with a variety of audiences, from small gatherings to halls filled with thousands of people.  I’ve spoken in a wide range of settings—including the CIA, corporate boardrooms, Capitol Hill, military training ranges, and hospital Grand Rounds.

I’ve also given plenary keynotes at major conferences, such as the International Trauma Conference, the National Defense Industries Association Annual Symposium, and the Departments of Defense & Veterans’ Affairs National Suicide Prevention Conference.

Sample titles include:

  • Using Mind Fitness to Build Resilience and Enhance Performance
  • Why Leaders Need “Wide Windows” and How to Create One
  • Resilience during Uncertainty, Chaos, Crisis, and Change
  • Why We Disown Trauma—and How Understanding It Can Lead to Stronger, Safer, and Healthier Schools, Workplaces, and Communities