Elizabeth A. Stanley, PhD

Workshops & Trainings

Invite Liz to Lead a WorkshopFor individuals who would like to attend a workshop, please join me for the Online MMFT® course.

For groups, I offer customizable programs that can be scaled from half-day presentations to multi-day workshops. Blending stories with hard science, my trainings are informative, practical, and tailored for each audience. I share tools you can immediately use. I look forward to working with you! All training requests are handled by my friends at the BrightSight Group.

Here are some sample topics:

  • Mind-Fitness Training: Skills for Enhancing Performance and Building Resilience

    This workshop explores the neurobiology of stress, trauma, and resilience—tailored for the stressors that the group typically faces—with experiential exercises to introduce mind fitness exercises. Afterwards, you can practice the MMFT® eight-week exercise sequence on your own with guided-audio instruction. Longer workshops may cover additional topics, such as emotions and interpersonal conflict. This interactive course can vary in length and may include a several-week break for you to begin building your mind fitness habits. After the break, a follow-up session can help you further refine your skills and apply them more fully in daily life and at work.

  • Resilient Leadership

    This workshop blends the science and exercises from MMFT® with a deeper dive into how stress and emotion contagion work—and contagion’s implications for leaders. Because leaders send strong ripples into their social environment, they can have a powerful effect on other people’s levels of resilience (or lack thereof). Thus, one critical component of effective leadership is the leader’s own self-regulation and resilience. We’ll explore leader self-care strategies and powerful tools that help with decision-making under pressure. You’ll learn practical methods you can put to immediate use that will help positively transform your results. This interactive course can vary in length.

  • Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness and Self-Regulation Skills for Helping Professionals

    This workshop is geared for clinicians, coaches, therapists, or teachers who want to facilitate concepts and skills from Widen the Window with their own clients and groups. We’ll explore how “top-down” tools are incomplete and introduce several “bottom-up” strategies. The focus here is on widening your own window, so you can transmit resilience effectively to your clients. You’ll learn how to use mindfulness and self-regulation skills safely in conjunction with your own work. This interactive course can vary in length. Longer versions explore how to help clients who cope with common issues, such as chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and intense emotions.